BIC America isn’t a name that comes immediately to mind when thinking of top speaker manufacturers. Nonetheless, they make a number of pretty impressive devices that will deliver well for many consumers. The BIC America DV62si is a competent 2-way bookshelf speaker that can be used in a stereo music system but is likely more at home as part of a home theater setup. If there’s a single distinction that we can give it’s probably that these are the best bookshelf speakers for the money.

The BIC America DV62si bookshelf speakers boast some pretty impressive specifications. Indeed they alone would place the speaker in more direct competition with our top-rated Klipsch B-20 and Infinity Primus P-162. With sensitivity of 90dB, they’re competitive with all but the Klipsch. Their dynamic frequency range is even more noteworthy. With bass response that goes clear down to a deep 43Hz, they have the best response of any of the bookshelf loudspeakers we’ve found.

The treble response of the BIC America DV62si bookshelf speakers is nearly as remarkable peaking out at 21kHz. Exceeding the normal highest frequencies that humans can hear, 20kHz, they can produce some of the ultrasonic overtones that we can discern. The super-high tones add to the spectral qualities of music that we experience that are more than just a sum of their parts.

With all that said, it would be easy to conclude that these are pretty extraordinary bookshelf speakers. Good though they are, we find them hard to get excited about. The bass notes are all there but they leave a rather thin feel. Likewise, the mid-range and high-frequency information is presented but rather mechanically and in a way that doesn’t produce much emotional response.

The manufacturer recommends minimum input power of 10W and maximum input of 175W. That’s a good spread that is likely to meet most people’s needs. The bookshelf speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent video interference. That isn’t an issue for home theaters with flat-screen TVs but could be if you’re setup includes a CRT television or monitor. Speaker inputs are of the five-way variety for convenience and ensuring a good cable connection whether using single or dual banana plugs, pin or spade connectors or even bare wire. The posts are gold plated to prevent corrosion.

Bass and mid-range frequencies are produced by a single 6 1/2-inch driver whose cone is made of a rather rigid poly/graphite material that responds rather cleanly across the board. There’s also a 3/4-inch soft dome tweeter for high-frequency reproduction. The crossover is set at a rather high 3,500Hz, the highest of any of the bookshelf speakers we’ve evaluated.

The bass reflex enclosure is ported rearward in what the manufacturer refers to as patented Venturi vents. They enhance the quantity of bass produced by the low-frequency driver, as does any other bass reflex design, but we couldn’t determine that there was anything special about them. They’re available in either a black or oak-colored finish.

BIC America offers a seven-year parts and labor guarantee, the longest of any bookshelf speakers we’ve found. That seems to say a lot for their confidence in the product. Otherwise, customer support is pretty lackluster. They can be contacted by email or toll-free telephone but the usual online manuals and FAQs are absent.

BIC America DV62si Summary:

The BIC America DV62si are very good bookshelf speakers for enjoying music or as part of a home theater system. As such, it matches particularly well with the BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S center speaker and the BIC America Formula Series F-12 subwoofer. By itself, we found this bookshelf speaker’s overall performance to fall a bit short of the expectations that its impressive specifications would predict.

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BIC America DV62si

Excellent range of frequency response in a rather efficient bookshelf speaker.

Overall, the sound performance falls short of the expectations raised by the specs.

The Verdict
: 7.82/10

This is a very economical speaker that provides good performance given its low price.